Supplement Review: Neon Sport

Happy Tuesday! At least it’s not Monday, right?

I have a review coming at you guys on a new brand just released from the makers of Cellucor. We all know how I feel about Cellucor products. I think I profess my awkward love for them at every possible waking moment. They make being on a high protein diet quite bearable.

ImageThis review is entirely my own opinion. I was not compensated in any way, nor does Neon Sport know that I am doing this review. I bought all the products with my own money and share 100% my thoughts alone.

First, a story. I drove a rocket ship the other day. Not like a real rocket ship… More like a Nissan Maxima… That’s like 13 almost 14 years old. Shit, my car is like 10 years younger than me… Probably why it’s half dead. Anyways, my Maxima turned into a freaking rocket ship on highway 45! Want to know how?

I drank the preworkout Volt by Neon Sport. I know most people haven’t tried Adderrall, hell I haven’t, but I can only imagine that Adderrall feels like Volt. The first time I drank this delicious, and I mean epic tasting deliciousness, preworkout I wasn’t expecting much different than say my beloved C4. But as I’m driving, Pendulum (dubstep), playing in the background… I am the commander of a freaking space ship. I started to feel the beta alanine kick in. Tingly sensation everywhere. Next thing I know I am so focused on driving I felt like an astronaut. You can only imagine what happened when I got to the gym. I tore that place apart and never once felt jittery.

I was so focused, I went heavier on every single lift. Not by 5 pounds, not by 10 pounds, most lifts were around a 15 pound increase. I was like dafaq?! My beloved happy juice has been replaced with Volt. A week later, 6 workouts later, I am still using one scoop and feeling it just as much as the first day. If you all haven’t tried this preworkout yet… You probably should. Even if it’s just for taste alone. I want to drink it all day. That would be a horrible idea for all around me. You think I have energy without preworkouts? Could you imagine if I just was cracked out all day? PS. Get Electric punch. You’re welcome.

photoFast forward to the next day. Suffice to say I could barely move. My body was crushed. Of course it was in the best way possible, but when you can barely move and have to train 10 sessions? That’s another story. Good thing was that I also bought Kinetic. Neon Sport released a BCAA and SAA blend. There’s controversy over when sequenced amino acids are better than branch chain, or whether they are completely pointless. So I like their thinking on this one. Shut up and put both in. Now everyone is happy and everyone can shut up. ;) I drank about 2 scoops of this bad boy throughout the day. Lemon berry? As if I needed an excuse to drink it… It’s so damn refreshing. Eff Fall, Summer can stay.

The cool thing about kinetic is that it has coconut water in it to help you recover some electrolytes after a grueling workout. So I got to thinking, after I woke up the next morning feeling amazing recovery, what would happen if I drank this during my workout. Volt could push me past my usual boundaries, maybe Kinetic could prevent me from dying the next day. Guys… I have had the best workouts of my life this week and I am recovering from a strained hip flexor. I don’t know what the hell Neon Sport is doing over there, but they need to keep it up. Consider me obsessed. My energy levels and recovery are through the roof.

Go buy some. Or don’t and be sad. On that note, I’m going to keep drinking these aminos like candy and whoop some asses.

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