Birthday Recap

I have been such a space cadet this week with my birthday, that I completely forgot to post and tell you how it went! Thanks for all the birthday wishes on social media. I really appreciated it!

Anyways, after I said bye to you guys on Tuesday I went to the gym and one of my fellow trainers surprised me with the most delicious cupcake on the planet! It was a marble cake with chocolate and vanilla frosting. It was so good. Probably the most moist cupcake on the planet. Obviously, I scarfed it down post workout. ;)

photo 1I also managed to find my way to Starbucks and ordered a pumpkin spice latte. First one of the season! But since it’s still 100+ degrees here I got it iced. I brought my own almond milk with a scoop of cinnamon swirl protein for a little extra staying power.

photo 3After that I met up with the boy to go get more cupcakes, since I am a total sweets lover and get some dinner. I ate 6 more cupcakes, by myself, since he doesn’t like sweets. I felt super sick from all the sugar by the end of the night, but man they were good! We also grabbed a burger and fries too, cause we are super classy.

photo 2The rest of the night just consisted of us relaxing and hanging out. Dork mode came out when we discussed proper running mechanics, complete with demonstrations, for about 45 minutes. Wouldn’t change a thing for the world. I had a great birthday thanks to him… and the cupcakes. ;)

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